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Boulevard Bridge

The Boulevard Bridge was built in 1925 by the Boulevard Bridge Corporation to make the Westover Hills residential community south of the James River more accessible for development.

The RMA purchased the 2,030-foot bridge on Nov. 24, 1969. The toll was a dime then and remained so until 1988, when it increased to 20 cents. Nearly 10 years later, the toll rate increased five cents to 25 cents. Currently, the toll is 35 cents. Many Richmonders still call the Boulevard Bridge "The Nickel Bridge" because of its initial five-cent toll.Blvd BridgeThe steel-truss bridge was closed on August 17, 1992, for 18 months of renovation work. The renovation included replacing the concrete deck; widening the existing lanes on the bridge; and replacing the old toll building, booths, and equipment. A new reversible toll lane was installed to handle peak traffic from either direction. The bridge reopened on October 30, 1993.
Blvd Bridge

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