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Downtown Expressway

The Downtown Expressway opened to traffic from Interstate 195 (near Byrd Park) eastward to 7th Street on Feb. 3, 1976.

The northbound connections to the former Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike (I-95) opened in August 1976, and the southbound connections were completed on Sept. 1, 1977.
Downtown Expressway In 1992, additional lanes were added to the 7th Street and 12th Street westbound on-ramps. At that time, the 11th Street on-ramp and Canal Street off-ramp were widened to two lanes each.

The stretch from Meadow Street to the junction with I-95 is 2.5 miles long. It contains a combination barrier toll plaza with 15 lanes including three, westbound Open Road Toll lanes.
Downtown ExpresswayThe Second Street ramps have two unmanned tolls. Beginning in March 1994, a toll collection attendant was stationed at the 11th Street and Canal Street ramps during peak traffic times.

An average of approximately 54,000 vehicles utilize the Downtown Expressway each day.
Downtown Expressway

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